Amazon Sales Rank - The Most Important Metric on Amazon Explained

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The Amazon Sales Rank is the most important metric for all Amazon sellers. Learn what it is, how to find it and improve it.

Amazon sellers know very well how critical Amazon sales rank is for their business. You cannot just skip it! It is the metric that will become your primary goal and you will be working hard to improve it.

Whether you are new to Amazon or you already have a running business, most definitely you want to know all about Amazon Sales Rank. The good news is, you are at the right place. Keep on reading to find out more about the most critical metric on Amazon.

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What is Amazon Sales Rank

We have already mentioned it several times but what does Amazon Sales Rank mean? It is the metric that shows how your product ranks among other items on Amazon. Essentially, it helps determine how popular the product is in a given category. Each product has its own Amazon sales rank.

So, what is a good Amazon Sales Rank you would ask? It’s a simple number between 1 and a million. What you want is for your number to be as small as possible.

Ok, but how to find Amazon sales rank? Make use of an Amazon Sales Rank calculator or Amazon Sales Rank tracker to determine that number for a given product.

Why is Amazon Sales Rank Critical

Best Sellers Ranking or Amazon sales rank is a basic metric for many reasons.It shows if a product is doing well in comparison with that of other items in the category. It also indicates your seller position on Amazon, so in the best case scenario you should have a low number.

Remember that the Amazon sales rank is not a metric for current or future sales. It cannot predict or measure how much you are going to sell.

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How To Improve Amazon Sales Rank

Everyone is striving for a better Amazon Sales Rank. Here are our top 5 tricks on how to improve yours.

1 .     Optimize Description

Your product summary or description is very important because it can turn a potential customer into a real one. It has to be well-written, easy to read, optimized with the right keywords, catchy and creative. This text is the first thing that a potential buyer reads, so it is the best chance to make a good impression. So, spend some time working on it. Organize it well in bullet points, so it is readable and clear. Coming up with a good description and title can seem hard, but once you get there, it will work for you as a charm.

2.    Sell at Competitive Prices

Pricing is key both for buyers and sellers. If you want to stand out among thousands of products you need to offer competitive pricing. You can use repricing software that automatically modifies the product price for you based on what your competitors are doing.

3.    Good Quality Pictures

High quality product images are another important factor for your sales. We all know that a picture says more than words and this is especially valid for Amazon. A good picture can convert a potential customer. Pick some nice images and impress the potential buyers with them. What you want to avoid is to have low quality images that look unprofessional. This will not make a good first impression. Plus, most sellers underestimate this part which gives you another opportunity to stand out and sell more. Emphasize the features of your product with great images and help buyers quickly get an idea of what it is and what it does.

4.    Answer Customer Questions

Your product listing should address any questions your customers might have. If it does that well there will be higher chance they will go ahead and buy from you. The section is located after the description and product features. Put yourself into the shoes of your customers and think about any objections and concerns they might have.

5.    Offer Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the best filters on the platform. It has more than 60 million members, so once you offer a product on Prime you are ready to reach this huge audience.


Now you know how important Amazon Sales Rank really is. If you are a new seller it is crucial for you to get what it is and how it works. Follow our tips to reach a better Amazon Sales Rank and to become even more successful on the biggest marketplace on the internet.

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